Cowgirl Smarts: How To Rope A Kick-Ass Life

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Cowgirl Smarts will make you want to saddle up, and follow your dreams!

Wild West cowgirls were bodacious and lived amazing lives, almost too fantastic to believe. They bucked all the norms and persevered against tremendous odds to live full and adventurous lives. Cowgirl Smarts identifies the characteristics that made these cowgirls successful at roping more out of life when others thought they should not.

Cowgirl Smarts is about being fearless, adventurous, original, resourceful, independent, faithful, honest and genuine. The book demonstrates how to get cowgirl smart through the stories of real cowgirls from the Wild West and early rodeo days. If you want to rope a kick-ass life or to enjoy some fun cowgirl history, then this book is for you. It’s a sassy guide for finding your cowgirl spirit and thinking outside the ranch.

Author: Ellen Reid Smith

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