Bullet Blues Babe " Audace" Jeans

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Our stylish Bullet Blues Babe Audace designer jeans offer a traditional body hugging, boot-cut style. Proudly made here in Los Angeles using quality premium stretch denim from Cone in NC.



The wash on these jeans is a beautiful deep indigo shade that has been lightly sanded in all the right places (rear, front and knee areas) for a tasteful slimming and elongating effect.



If you're looking for jeans that compliment both curvy and streamlined body shapes, these jeans are perfectly complimentary for this very purpose. Featuring an extreme stretch recovery, meaning that you don’t have to break this denim in as you would with our other ‘Babe’ designs, they are ready to wear and love. Our Babe Audace jeans fit like a glove and feel incredibly comfortable for all day wear.



The contrasting red and silver stitching throughout the design adds a touch of sparkle a la Bullet Blues to an otherwise traditional indigo denim. Embrace these subtle red and silver accents as you rock this denim for both casual and dress wear. Bullet Blues’ Babe Audace designer jeans benefit from having a simple wash process, as well as first class coloring and stitching which marry each other perfectly. This boot-cut style denim will give you an astonishing illusion of elegance and an air of natural confidence as you strut the streets.



You can wear these jeans with everything from a simple black top, to pastel colors, to anything that has red in it. A must-have all-American, all occasion wardrobe staple. The pockets have been placed very smartly to give your back asset a rounded and uplifted effect.


Bullet Blues Custom Apparel embraces an American way of living. Combining superior quality and design with high-quality fabrics. Bullet Blues offers clothing that is comfortable and sophisticated with just a touch of rugged American durability. From the denim fabrics to the final stitch, Bullet Blues, proudly enlist only 100% American craftsmanship and resources.